September 5, 2010

Military Software – Anti-Virus Protection and Internet / PC Security!!!?

Hi I'm actually just Wondering here but what kind of Security Doe's the Military Use for there Networks / Computers and Servers???

The Reason why I am asking is because I take it that there Anti-Virus Software and Internet / PC Security is off the Highest Quality and is the best of the best so too Speak!!!
Anyway I'm asking these Questions Solely as a General Question as I'm kinda Interested in maybe Trying to Acquire some of these Software as my Mother uses Norton and I think Norton is C.R.A.P. so am Trying to be able to Get some Software that is 100% Perfect hehe… for my PC and for my little Brothers et also my Families but hey…

Where Would and even better… is it even possible to be able to get some Military Grade Software???
I'm wanting to Join the Military when I'm old enough anyway hehe but till then is there anyway I can get some really great Anti-Virus/Anti-Spy ware etc… Military Software??? :D
Like my Mother uses Lavasoft and that's Good but erm… thanks!!!

you think that the military is going to disclose the programs they use? Yeah right. if that knowledge was available, hackers could find a single bug, and exploit the military.

The Military and Govt. use COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) software like everyone else. They don't create their anti-virus. When I was in, we use Norton. Sorry to bust your bubble. I was also a contractor to the Navy and they used the same stuff. not too many years ago they had a nasty virus spread through their networks and made a huge, nasty mess.

If they are serious about security, they won't be using MS so any anti-virus they are using, you wouldn't have heard of anyway.

Military Software – Anti-Virus Protection and Internet / PC Security!!!?