January 6, 2011

Best Free Antivirus Software for XP

Free Antivirus Software

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Windows XP Professional SP3 was released around April 21, 2008. Microsoft Plus! Windows XP is also compatible with Windows XP SP3. This is especially stable with 1.5 GB of RAM If you put the RAM of the virtual machine. Microsoft Plus! is an enhancement to Windows, if you have Windows XP SP3, you can install Microsoft Plus! For Windows XP operating system. ——————————- Components installed Internet Explorer 8 Outlook Express 6 Mozilla Firefox (the latest version of Mozilla Firefox) MalwareBytes Avast Antivirus Security Essentials Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 Microsoft Plus! For Windows XP Service Pack 3 ISO CCleaner: www.megaupload.com Microsoft Plus! For Windows XP: www.megaupload.com NOTE: You must download Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, CCleaner, and any good antivirus (Example: Avira AntiVir Personal Antivirus) to function properly. Update as of September 2010 ——————————————- – ———————- I installed Microsoft Zune Theme for Windows XP Royal Theme I installed, I installed Microsoft Office 2003 Professional I installed Kaspersky Antivirus

Best Free Antivirus Software for XP